Sunday, July 24, 2005


It's over. I haven't posted in several days, because as far as I'm concerned, things ended in the Pyrenees when it was clear that LA could respond to whatever T-Mobile or CSC threw at him. Still, it was a thrilling TdF to watch, and I'm happy LA got his stage win yesterday. Vino took Stage 21, and I really think he was making a statement. Where will he wind up? With Discovery? That would be cool, but then what about Popo?

LA's achievement is awe-inspiring...really, it brings tears to your eyes when you think about how much he's accomplished. Makes me happy to be a cyclist.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bob Roll is the WORST color commentator

Ok, so I am watching the REPLAY of the stage, and instead of Liggett's commentary, they're using Roll's, and he must know the results, etc. for this. Yet, he sounds like an idiot. Liggett is a cycling god! Bob Roll should stick to being naked in commercials.

Oh this is really terrible

to watch, but exciting!

Is LA missing Triki today?

I'm really nervous, because of this T Mobile attack. This is vicious. LA is alone. Where are his teammates???


Vino has attacked... 3 T Mobile's vs LA!


Missed posts...

yesterday was the first day I did NOT watch the stage at is a huge day. This weekend is incredibly significant as the climbs through the Pyrenees could really be devastating. I don't know if LA will attack today. I suppose it depends on what he sees Rasmussen, Basso, et al doing. The commentators keep talking about Rasmussen not really having confidence that he can win the yellow jersey and being happy with the polka dot jersey. I can't believe that. WHo wouldn't want the yellow jersey? I find that argument bizarre. I guess we'll see what he does today and tomorrow.

Basso is only 2 30 back(or is 2 14?), so I could see him gaining some time if he decides to attack today. I don't know that LA would allow him to get too far ahead tho'. I wish I knew the time bonus for winning today's stage.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Will LA go after Vino today?

Vino has about a 3 minute lead on Lance. I wonder how long this will go on. Will LA attack? Also, he has to worry about Rasmussen behind him. I wonder if there will be a major mixup on the mt. I hope for some excitement. I don't want Vino to get 3 mins on LA.

Will Vino gain some time today?

Early breakaway and Vino is involved... we'll see if Lance responds later. Probably too early to worry, but I'm sure Lance is keeping tabs on his rivals.

Yesterday was a great day for DSC. I loved watching that final climb, especially how hard Popo worked for Lance.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lance back in yellow...

Beautiful mountain ride for Lance... I wonder if Rasmussen will continue to threaten LA in the mts?

Oh yeah! GO LANCE, GO!

Lance is just hammering away, but Rasmussen is keeping with him as are Valverde and Mancebo. I hope Lance wins this stage.

Poor T-Mobile, more than 1 min behind.

We're on the last mt climb...

Ok, so Discovery Team was keeping a wicked pace, which suggests Lance might attack. Then again, he might not. You have to love watching a good mt stage.

Neither CSC nor T-Mobile helped DSC with the pace. I'm still thinking Vino might try something.

BRING IT ON! Stage 10

Oh, I hope today is a good day for Lance & the Blue Train...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Will Discovery Team make a statement today?

They're leading the peloton right now up the mountain. They look good. Ullrich had a crash earlier, but there's not much being said about it. Allegedly he hurt his knee. I still think Kloden and Vino are the big threats to Lance. Still Ullrich is needed as a potential threat to Lance. Imagine a team having three riders capable of challenging Lance! Yikes.

I got up at 6:30am just to watch this stage because I missed the past two days live. Tomorrow is a rest day, but I can't imagine one day makes a huge difference to these guys. In fact, I wonder if it hurts more, because your muscles realize what a tremendous effort they've been making. It's like running hard, stopping, and then trying to run again! It's easier to just slow to a jog and then speed up than it is to completely stop.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Big Trouble at Discovery?

So, what happened to Lance's Blue Train? Is this a sign of bad things to come? Tomorrow I think will be a significant day for the team; if it's a repeat of today's performance, Lance could be in trouble. He needs his teammates to accompany him on these climbs. That's key. Otherwise, T-Mobile and CSC will eat him up.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Another exciting conclusion to a stage...

Again, the sprinters got the glory in the end, but there was a small crash that made things THAT much more interesting. I was just hoping the whole field didn't go down.

Not much to report - I only saw the end of the stage today. Tomorrow will be a telling day as Vino might attack Armstrong on the first day in the "mountains." I hope Lance kicks his butt!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is this the beginning of the end for Lance?

So, Vino takes 19 seconds out of Lance's lead. Is it time to panic? Not yet, but I guarantee that T-Mobile is VERY happy with this result. Vino is a dangerous rider - far more dangerous I think that Ullrich.

We'll see how things stand after the weekend. I'm hoping Lance builds up his lead on Saturday.

I missed most of the stage today as a cousin is visiting, so that's why there were no posts during the race. It will be the same thing Fri but hopefully not Sat.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What will happen to the yellow jersey today?

There's some discussion about CSC's decision to abandon Zabriske yesterday. Given the number of riders they had, they could have allowed 1-2 riders to stay with him and ensure a better time, etc. Not very sporting of the team - although obviously not the riders' fault but a "management" decision.

So, will Lance try to keep the jersey today, or will "Gorgeous" George be wearing it after Stage 5?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The yellow jersey bleeds

Oh, how terrible to see Zabriske go down. He's obviously got a pretty nasty injury, but emotionally he must be devastated. Poor kid.

1:10:39 wins...


Team CSC will NOT beat Discovery..

with 2km to go, I think Discovery will win. Even if they lose, it's still an impressive performance by CSC and helps Basso...

Wow, Zabriske crashed!!!!!!!

I love watching the Team Time Trial...

What a thing of beauty to watch especially from a helicopter shot! The teamwork for a TTT is amazing. Great stuff!!

The Team Time Trials!

Today we'll see if Lance can claim the yellow jersey. I think that if Discovery doesn't win today, it will be a shock. CSC must be a bit tired from the past few days of protecting Zabriske. I also wonder about Phonak. Would be nice to see Pretty Boy Floyd win it today. Still, I'm rooting for Lance.

40 miles... let's go!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Why I Hate OLN's Coverage

The guys are acting like the race hasn't started...this commentary is really annoying... "Why do people work to get the green jersey?" How many stupid questions can be asked on one pre-race show. More importantly: HOW CAN YOU CALL IT A PRE RACE SHOW IF THE RACE IS GOING ON?!?!!??!

What is Tyler Hamilton doing right now?

This morning I was thinking about Tyler Hamilton and wondering what he must be doing to keep his mind off the Tour. I can't imagine he would watch it. I remember it was just last year (or the year prior?) when he had that big fundraiser/event where everyone gathered in movie theatres to watch him ride. That was the day he crashed I believe. Since then, most people know what's happened. He has a website:

He does have a June post, but nothing since the Tour started. The whole "vanishing twin" argument is beyond my limited scientific understanding, but Hamilton seems like one of the "good guys" of cycling that I want to believe him.

Well, the prerace show is starting, so I will sign off!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The fight for the polka dot jersey

Oh this is fun to watch...go Voeckler!!!

The fight for the polka dot jersey

Oh this is fun to watch...go Voeckler!!!

What's your heartrate?

The OLN commentators (Liggett esp) were talking about heartrates in the race. Apparently, LA's resting rate is 32 or 33 and he maxes out at 201 but works at 180-190. Wow.

The physiology of these racers is just mindboggling. I know that everyone has their limits, genetic gifts, etc., but still...

Makes me want to do more cardio to improve my VO2 max, etc.

Stage 2 has started... what will Team CSC do?

It seems as though Team CSC is protecting Zabriske. Basso is their leader, but for now, Zabriske will be protected (at least for a few days). It's just wonderful to watch the peloton move. You see the red/white/black of CSC surrounding the maillot jeune.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Let the excuses begin for Ullrich...

Oh, I know we're going to hear, "Although Ullrich insisted he wasn't badly injured when he crashed headfirst and helmetless into his team car..." because of Lance's absolutely b-slapping of Jan on the tt course.

I'm very happy about today's result and psyched to see Zabriske getting the stage win and yellow in his TDF debut.

OH GOD YES!!!!!!

My dream just happened: Lance overtakes Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landis departs...

We'll see how Landis does with this TT now that Landis has his "own" team (who IS the team leader for Phonak??). I think the gap between Zabriske and the rest of the field is interesting. Will the minute differential stand up once Ullrich and Lance ride? It seems like a tremendous amount of time given it's only about 11.8 miles.

It's hard for me to get a sense of how strong the winds are, etc. as these riders are moving. I'm not crazy about this coverage so far...too much cutting back and forth, talking about technology, etc. I want to be able to get a sense of the WHOLE course!

Twenty One Stages Begins!

This blog will follow the twenty one stages that I hope will lead to a seventh win for Lance Armstrong. I should give a few details about myself and what prompts me to create YET ANOTHER BLOG about the Tour. I'm an English professor and cycling fan, but I don't compete and don't even own a road bike. I ride a mountain bike on the roads around my home, which is pretty tough, so I'm contemplating buying a road bike. I have been looking at a Trek 1200 or a Trek 1500, because I don't want to spend more than 1000 dollars. Ideally I'd like a used bike that might save me some $. Anyway, on to my interest in the Tour...

Right now it's the pre-race show. The time trial begins later in the day. There's a great deal of anticipation for this race as it's Lance's last. Again, we hear that this course is extremely difficult and designed to prevent Lance from winning...but isn't this what we heard LAST year?

I'm hoping that Lance wins, because I love him as a cyclist. Cycling is a beautiful sport to watch. To see the peloton undulate through a course can be very moving. I nearly cried last year at the first mountain stage. I wish I could be in France and camp out somewhere. Perhaps one day I will.

This first time trial is 12 miles, which means that some distance between the leader and the pack could be established early. Lance will be riding last. I don't know if he'll win the TT, but he needs to be near the top - ideally, winning would be best.

I'll post more later, but that's it for now...