Sunday, August 27, 2006

Few updates, lots to report

I am in TIA right now waiting for a flight to Atlanta and then to Dayton. I've been in Lordsburg and Shakespeare, NM doing research for ontheroadwithlolita

I have had a wonderful time here in NM, and it really made me very sad to drive west this morning. I headed out at 7am their time, 6am this time, and 9am my time. Confusing, ain't it?

Our classes started this past week, and I'm excited - as I always am - about the new semester. I hope the technical writing classes go well. It's a hard class to take and a hard class to teach. I'm teaching in two radically different time formats: once a week for 3 hrs and 3 times a week for an 1 hr. This makes scheduling and planning difficult.

The Intro to Poetry class should be a blast as I am eager to talk more about poetry with the students. There are about a dozen kids in there - I wish it were a bigger class, but a dozen is about the regular draw for the Intro courses

I've also been working on my Becker interview and the Becker review. Oh, I am not sure I want to think about these things yet as once I get back home, I will be faced with a stack of things to do. Ugh.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Mirror Has Two Faces: A Quick Review

Am watching this movie on WE right now. I should be writing, but I feel compelled to watch any film that depicts a campus environment, professors in love, etc.

Some random observations:
Does anyone have a class such as Rose's in the movie's beginning?
I just love Greg's line, "How do you get them to stay?"
Do all math professors in film wear bow ties?