Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TOUR SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Vino seems to have pulled a Tyler Hamilton, or at least he's been accused of receiving a blood transfusion of someone else's blood. Very sad day in cycling as this doesn't help the sport. With Rasmussen in the yellow jersey with a cloud over HIS head, you have to hope that this is the last big shocker of the Tour (apart from race results).

Here's one thing I haven't heard discussed: could Vino have received a transfusion after his stage 15 crash? If so, wouldn't that account for the abnormality? Then again, IF that were the case, I expect Astana would have played that card. And why ask the entire team to withdraw from the race? That doesn't seem fair. Was T-Mobile asked to leave because of Sinkewitz? No. Terrible. There's really no consistency in the sport of cycling, and I think that's one of its big problems. Riders are treated differently; teams are treated differently.


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