Sunday, April 30, 2006

The First Day of the Draft

So, the first three rounds of the NFL Draft are in the books, and the NYG picked up a DE, WR, and a LB. The DE was a huge surprise on big blue but folks seemed happy with the Moss pick. I know nothing about the LB they got at the end of the third round. Today they have four picks, and I imagine they'll go CB, QB, RB, DE. But then again, I thought they'd take DeAngelo Williams if he was available in the first, so what do I know?

As far as how teams did, I was impressed at how the Jets got two potentially awesome linemen - Pro Bowl potential, really - and I am also concerned that the Eagles did very well getting Justice. Bunkley doesn't scare me so much. I don't know why, but FSU dlinemen don't frighten me.

It was interesting to see Leinart go #10. He was such a golden boy for so long - had he come out last year, he may have been the overall pick. Then it was the "Who will go first, ML or RB?" debate. Well, Matt, sorry, but you're in the desert behind Kurt Warner. Prepare to lose.

People are calling Matt a "loser," but he'll be making more guaranteed money on his contract than I will ever see in my lifetime...unless I really do write The Great American Novel.

Some folks on bbi are saying they want Anwar Phillips out of PSU, my alma mater, but there's no way we draft him. He had major "character issues" as it's called, and I doubt he's even ON the NYG's draft board. Watch: we'll draft him and I'll be wrong again.

Stay tuned...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Quick Comments on the Draft

Mario Williams at #1? I wonder if that was merely because RB's demands were too high. I rather get a guy in at the start of training camp, etc. Dealing with holdouts is never good for a team.

When RB was taken by the Saints, did you see his expression? I think he swallowed his own tongue. Still, he'll be making big $, so what does he care? Was Ricky Williams the last RB taken #1 by the Saints? Will RB be wearing a dress anytime soon? Stay tuned... I heard LenDale White is on the RW route already.

Ok, the NYG are on the clock. My pick:
DeAngelo Williams

I'm going to post this now and come back later to add to my observations.

What's wrong with this picture: A HUMMER WITH A HANDICAPPED HANGTAG?

I wish I had my camera with me on my trip to Java Johnny's.

Spring Cleaning or What Do Professors Do When Waiting for Students to Submit Papers?

This weekend I left all of my student papers at the office. I am determined to give my house a thorough cleaning. Keep in mind: I hate cleaning. I'd rather be reading recommendation reports, feasibility studies, critical essays, and road trip journals from my English 163 class. Instead, I will be dusting, polishing, vacuuming, sweeping, straightening, throwing out, reorganizing, washing, drying, running, standing, and every other activity associated with SPRING CLEANING.

In some ways, the prospect is invigorating, but the reality is far from it. I'm probably more easily exhausted by dusting my house than I am by reading 100 pages of Tolstoy.

I wonder about the housecleaning practices of other professors. Is there an Ethics of Housecleaning? An aesthetic of housecleaning? I wonder, too, if there's some secret trick to cleaning. It seems like as soon as I clean something, chaos creeps back rather quickly. So, if things stay clean for such a short time, why bother?

Well, this post is only adding to how long I will have to spend cleaning this house, so I better quit it now. Plus, there's the NFL Draft starting at noon. At least I'll have some good background noise for my cleaning.

The Return of Twenty-One Stages

Blogs are like books around my house about which I get really excited: I begin them, embrace them with much enthusiasm, and then allow them to linger, gather dust, and patiently wait for my return. So, here I am.

I started this particular blog while watching LA last year. Well, it's cycling season again (HELLO, TOUR DE GEORGIA FANS), and I'm back. There's no LA. He's running the NYC or Boston marathon. But we have Jan Ullrich and the usual suspects. More on that later.

I just wanted to say Hi and warn you that more is coming.