Wednesday, July 25, 2007

VS avoiding talking about Vino et al

Liggett and Sherwin are dancing on the pedals of the latest Tour scandal. Although I appreciate their interest in focusing on the race, it feels like they're deliberately avoiding discussing the "Astana situation." There was a protest at the race beginning, but it was barely discussed by the commentators, who said it was a protest for a "clean race."

I am sure it wasn't just Vino who doped. There are people riding today who have done the same thing he allegedly did.

Well, at least the stage does promise to be good.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TOUR SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Vino seems to have pulled a Tyler Hamilton, or at least he's been accused of receiving a blood transfusion of someone else's blood. Very sad day in cycling as this doesn't help the sport. With Rasmussen in the yellow jersey with a cloud over HIS head, you have to hope that this is the last big shocker of the Tour (apart from race results).

Here's one thing I haven't heard discussed: could Vino have received a transfusion after his stage 15 crash? If so, wouldn't that account for the abnormality? Then again, IF that were the case, I expect Astana would have played that card. And why ask the entire team to withdraw from the race? That doesn't seem fair. Was T-Mobile asked to leave because of Sinkewitz? No. Terrible. There's really no consistency in the sport of cycling, and I think that's one of its big problems. Riders are treated differently; teams are treated differently.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Looks like...

Vino will win this stage. I am so happy for him. But the big story were the attacks Contador launched on Chicken Legs on the final climb. Crazy stuff. This is actually an interesting Tour!

Vino attacking on the final climb

I really hope he gets this stage...poor guy. He's awesome. I love the way he attacker... unlike Levi BORINGHEIMER!

Vino in the break...Stage 15

but don't get too excited as there's no way he could gain 28 minutes or so today. Still, it would be nice to see him win a stage, but I am not even sure the peloton will allow that to happen. There's about 70K left, so plenty of time to reel back in an 8:25 minute lead.

Vino said he had no legs yesterday and took a tumble on the mountain as well, which accounts for his poor showing. Poor guy. I really wanted to see him contend for the podium. I'm not sure Kloden can carry the Astana torch.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is Vino done?

So, as I type this Vino is 5 minutes behind the yellow jersey group, which contains my favorite boring rider, Levi Snoozenheimer. They're going to begin the last climb of the day, and this will be the second mountain top finish. Will Contrador attack? I can't see Levi attacking.

I wish Vino were in this front group, threatening to go off the front. If this is how his Tour is going to end, I can't imagine him retiring at the end of this season.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to cycling

I haven't posted anything of substance here (if you consider blogging about the TdF substantial) in a good amount of time, but with today's ITT and my ride, I thought I'd add some text to cyberspace.

First, I was glad to see Vino win the ITT today; I am not sure he can make up enough ground in the remaining seven stages, but Vino is an exciting rider to watch... now, Levi "the next great American cyclist" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh, sorry, fell asleep for a moment... Yes, Vino = exciting; Levi=boring. I really hope Levi doesn't win it; heck, I'd be glad to see Contrador win, but I doubt Bruyneel would give him the protection he'd need to do that. Despite the statements that both are protected riders, you know Levi is going to be given the most opportunity to win the Tour. AC will have his chance in upcoming years.

Second, I took a solo ride - second day in a row - and had a good time except for those terrible crosswinds (hi Bob Roll) and my neck pain. This is the same pinched nerve / neck torture I experienced last year; I get it while running too, so it's not just a cycling thing. It's probably a bad posture thing. Yesterday I put in 17 miles on mostly flat road; today I put in 21 and did a bit of climbing. I also wore my heart monitor. Avg 144 bmp, high of 174. I probably was more at 150 or so for the good part of the ride; coming back through town, I went down to 132, which affected the average certainly. The best part of the ride was hitting 26-27 mph on the rollers. Of course, I have this dread fear that some car, animal, or small child is going to jump in front of me when I'm at that speed. There was one random dog attack. Ok, it wasn't so much of an attack as a golden retriever that spotted me and started to run from his yard straight for me. Luckily i was cruising along at 19mph and by the time he saw me, I was able to get past him. Hitting a dog at 19 mph is bad both for dog and rider.

Well, I'm going to do some reading now and get a shower. Should mow the lawn too, I suppose.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Twenty Stages....

This year's Tour de France will have 20 stages and begins in London. Wish I could be there.
I'll post some predictions soon, but right now I'm just enjoying Moreau's win in the Dauphine Libere, trying to figure out whether Vino was playing possum on some of those mountain stages, and wondering whether we'll have another big doping scandal right before the tour begins.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Few updates, lots to report

I am in TIA right now waiting for a flight to Atlanta and then to Dayton. I've been in Lordsburg and Shakespeare, NM doing research for ontheroadwithlolita

I have had a wonderful time here in NM, and it really made me very sad to drive west this morning. I headed out at 7am their time, 6am this time, and 9am my time. Confusing, ain't it?

Our classes started this past week, and I'm excited - as I always am - about the new semester. I hope the technical writing classes go well. It's a hard class to take and a hard class to teach. I'm teaching in two radically different time formats: once a week for 3 hrs and 3 times a week for an 1 hr. This makes scheduling and planning difficult.

The Intro to Poetry class should be a blast as I am eager to talk more about poetry with the students. There are about a dozen kids in there - I wish it were a bigger class, but a dozen is about the regular draw for the Intro courses

I've also been working on my Becker interview and the Becker review. Oh, I am not sure I want to think about these things yet as once I get back home, I will be faced with a stack of things to do. Ugh.