Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stage 9 in Progress

Big discussion is Landis' revelation re hip replacement surgery after the Tour. Lots of folks still speculating as to why NOW.

I am watching the last hurrah of the sprinters - at least for a while. I wonder if Boonen will try to win the stage - or at least beat out Robbie M.

So far the Tour has been enjoyable to watch, but I'm really eager to see the mountain stages, which always inspires me to climb the little hills in this area. I think it would be pretty amazing for T-Mobile to take the yellow to Paris,which is what I think Kloden said T-Mobile could do. In fact, he seemed to suggest that MULTIPLE T-Mobile riders would have the jersey, but that the team as a whole would keep it until Paris. I'm still waiting for my T-Mobile jersey to arrive in the mail - thanks world cycling productions for the shipping delays. Ugh.

Yesterday I went for a decent ride - about 18 miles - but it was all flat, because my left knee and shoulder/neck are still giving me problems. I go to the sports doc next Monday, and he's a cyclist, so I'm hoping that will be an advantage. Anyone heard of Jon Sulentic?


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