Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Countdown to Smackdown!

Those who know me may not know my dark secret (no, not that one): I love wrestling. Give me Ric Flair in a sequined robe any day, and I'm a happy gal.

So, tonight I have tickets (floor seats, about 7 rows from the ring) for the Smackdown LIVE tapings in Cincinnati, OH. I wish it were RAW, but I'm not willing to go to Columbus, OH for something as silly as this.

Anyway, I anticipate that tonight will be a fun evening. Last year I went to my first professional wrestling match. It was a house show in a rundown place in eastern NC. This year's event is a live event, which means pyro, commercial breaks, etc. I doubt that will make it a "better"experience.

The thing that amazed me about last year's show was how rundown and cheap everything seemed. From the building in which the show took place - looked like a WWII bomb shelter, and probably was used as such - to the interesting crowd lined up outside for more than an hour (even though everyone had assigned seats, etc.) to the group of people gathered around the tour buses hoping to get a glimpse of Batista, et al. (btw, Batista is still out of Smackdown rehabbing an injury; I WISH he were going to be there tonight - that would be awesome) I was also amazed last year by how many families with small children were there. I thought it would be a rougher crowd, but it was very tame looking. The highlight was seeing someone walking around with a championship belt over his shoulder (think John Cena wannabe). Who BUYS a fake plastic belt and parades it around an arena?

Oh well. I will file a full report when I get back. I should write a bit about my students' visit to my house last night, but I'll save that for another time.


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